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Where to sleep in La Havana

by AceCoolture

We made our first stop at a very nice boutique hotel in the area of Vedado called La Reserva Vedado. We chose this place as it seemed very peaceful and we wanted to enjoy a relaxed ambience during our first night.

Simon, the owner, was very kind from the beginning as well as  his staff. The hotel has touches of minimalistic design with a touch of art deco, combined with a colonial-type architecture.

Breakfast is a real taste of the  Caribbean: mango juices, French toasts, tropical fruit and excellent coffee and tea.

The terrace has a great look and feel. Almost makes you feel like if time wasn't something affecting you. A perfect blend of the Cuban, Spanish and French decoration is present everywhere in this magnificent boutique hotel.

From La Reserva Vedado you can call an uber to move around La Havana which is the best and fastest way to move around. Public transport like buses are not reliable in terms of schedules.