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Lauterbrunnen Region

A stunning valley with towering mountains

The valley!

The world has many beautiful places to offer. One thing we know for sure is that you don’t always have to travel far to admire amazing landscapes. As we live in the Netherlands, the European Alps are quite nearby for us.

That's why we decided to go here for a long weekend and do some hiking. We chose to go to Switzerland, more specifically to the area around Lauterbrunnen. Pictures will give you enough explanation for our decision!

Lauterbrunnen Lauterbrunnen

Down the village Down the village

One thing the Swiss are quite good at, is creating many possibilities of transportation in the mountains. This beautiful area is full of trains and cable cars, in a way that it doesn’t screw up the nature and views too much.

Especially when you don't have enough time, it's very convenient to get some help getting high up the mountains. We went up to different viewpoints with the train/cable car, to hike down afterwards. A lot of tourists go up and down with the public transportation, so it's quite crowded.

Walk for a few hundred meters away from the station, and you don’t see the selfie-taking tourists anymore.

Away from the crowds Away from the crowds

Firstly we went up to the the Piz Gloria on the Schilthorn Summit, famous because one of the James Bond movies was filmed here. After admiring the stunning views in the early morning, we walked around the summit to take some pictures of different angles.

The walk all the way down is truly amazing, with an insane mountain view in front of you all the time. Just enjoy the views and the peaceful sound of cowbells in the distance.

Schilhorn 007 Schilhorn 007

The next day we took the first train up to not only the highest point of this area, but of Europe. The highest point you can stand on without any effort and climbing gear of course. This place will give you a beautiful view of the area behind the high mountain range you constantly see from the area around Lauterbrunnen; specifically the Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier of Europe.

Top of Europe Top of Europe

On our way down we stopped half way, to do some hiking and leave the lazy ones behind. We chose to walk the Eiger Trail; a hiking trail along the top of Eiger mountain. The trail is quite flat, with a massive wall of the Eiger rising up next to you. And some typical Swiss cows!

Eiger Trail Eiger Trail

Cows along the trekking Cows along the trekking

Lauterbrunnen itself is also great to just wander around and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Especially the little church in front of the mountains and waterfalls just looks like a painting. Just a short hike up (or a train if you are lazy) to Wengen you can see the valley and the town of Lauterbrunnen from above, with a backdrop of the beautiful mountains. Again; it truly looks like a painting.

The view from Wengen The view from Wengen

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