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2 years ago

Madeira, Portugal

With Hero Traveler & Explorer @kayvanhuisseling


A territory of Portugal located far off the northwestern coast of Africa, the four-island archipelago of Madeira is also known as "The Pearl of the Atlantic". Hero Traveler gives you a look at some of its most stunning views through our lens.

Rock formations Rock formations

Although Madeira has almost 100 miles of coastline, you won't find much in the way of sandy beaches here; these rocky formations dominate the volcanic coast.

Views of the ocean Views of the ocean

A good vantage point is necessary to get capture perspective in photographs. Even though the foreground is blurry, it helps build the sense of scale for how massive these rock formations truly are.

The cliffs of Madeira are more accessible than ever to the average traveler. With flights coming in under four hours from Western Europe and a bolstered network of roads around the main island, you could be explore the cliffs of Madeira

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