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2 years ago

The Swiss Alps

With Hero Traveler & Explorer @kayvanhuisseling

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

From Switzerland's historic towns, to the jaw-dropping Alps, capturing the versitile country in a single photograph is impossible. Here are some suggestions for an expedition through the Swiss Alps for the best shot.

Locals say "Lauterbrunnen" means "many springs", but there is some disupute to the literal meaning. Though the history of the nomenclature is murky, it is clear why the Lauterbrunnen Valley got it's name. The valley is formed in the Alpine chain, surrounded by steep walls with streams and waterfalls decending into the abyss.

Swiss Alps Swiss Alps

The steep mountains make for dramaic photos right above the low cloud line in the valley. Though the country is known for it's efficient public transportation, it is easiest to explore the Alps by car. Keep in mind, a smaller car will afford more opportunities to stop along the small mountain roads.

Hiking the Alps Hiking the Alps

If you're not into hiking, there are some other options. You can travel via train like the famous train Gornergrat. Or, you can ride chair lifts near the popular ski resort of Zermatt. Try to book in advance since both of these options can be quite expensive.

When I feel the most alive When I feel the most alive

The Matterhorn is the most iconic mountain in the Swiss Alps - you might recognize it from the Toblerone packaging. Our conditions weren't perfect for a shot, but if you want to get the perfect photo here are some suggestions.

- Try for the North AND East face of the mountain, this angle highlights the sharp line of the popular climbing route, the Hornli Ridge.

- Aim to shot in the morning or the evening. Storms are known to roll in during the day and can sit (and cover) the top of the mountain. In the morning, the tip of the mountain will glow a yellowish orange as the sun rises. In the evening, golden hour will have the surrounding hills and dales shimmer with the setting sun.

- Don't be afraid to climb. The higher you are, the better the perspective. The Matterhorn is huge so shooting from the valley won't provide the scale for the dramatic shot.

Zermatt Matterhorn Zermatt Matterhorn

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