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Volcano National Park

Born of Fire....Born of the Sea

On our second day on the Big Island we stayed close to the entrance of Volcano National Park... One thing is for sure, the big island lives up to it’s name.

Tropical Forest Tropical Forest

The park is large, over 500 square miles of land. Although only a few roads to drive, it takes a while to see the sights.

Near the Lava Tube Near the Lava Tube

We were eager to explore one of the lava tubes in the park, however since the eruption of Kilauea volcano on May 11th, 2018 the tubes are still closed.

Inside the Tube Inside the Tube

However i quickly went inside and snapped a quick photo, it was completly dark the other way and would be fun to explore if spelunking is your thing.

View of a Crater View of a Crater

Next we took the Crater Rim Drive and the view was amazing but eerie in a way.

Smoldering Crater Smoldering Crater

Some areas almost seemed as if you were on the moon.

Burned Tree Burned Tree

Onward driving Chain of Craters road eventually leading to the shoreline.

A New Beginning A New Beginning

Are You Sure the Roads Closed? Are You Sure the Roads Closed?

We eventually hit the end of the run or as far as you can drive. So off on foot we go, eager to see some flowing lava.

Closed Closed

New Life New Life

Grass Peaking Thru Grass Peaking Thru

As your walking you see nature slowly coming back, trying to take back what was once hers.

Old Life, New Life Old Life, New Life

Smoldering Lava Smoldering Lava

End of Trail End of Trail

We reached the end of the trail in regards to walking on safe lava and opted not to try to go further, so we headed for the lava cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Arches Along the Coastline Arches Along the Coastline

The view along the coast is amazing and you really see how the island is lava.

Waves a Crashing Waves a Crashing

You can see here how those arches are carved out with the thundering waves hitting them.

Pressed for time, unfortunately we did not see any flowing lava.. I guess that just means another trip to the Big Island in the future!

Coastline Coastline

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