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a year ago

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Why visiting Bondi, Sydney's most iconic suburb

Welcome to Bondi Beach!

The eastern suburb of Bondi is mostly known because of its Beach, likely the most famous all around Australia. But actually you will find many more reasons and interesting attractions to explore this beautiful area.

Golden Hours at the beach Golden Hours at the beach

The world Bondi, originally Bondi, means “the noise made by a wave breaking on the beach” and it come from the aboriginal culture. The area, in fact, has always been inhabits from Aboriginal Tribes before European settlements and is easy to sight aboriginal rocks carving on the cliffs on Ben Buckler or Mackenzies point.

Is not difficult to understand why Bondi ha become the major touristic attraction in Sydney, it is an open theatre of different annual festival like Sculpture by the ocean, Bondi Latin America, Short film festival and city to surf for run, the largest running event in the world.

Long story short, Bondi has a cosmopolitan community life going on and here you find six reasons to come and enjoy its hipster vibes!

Bondi Skate Park Bondi Skate Park

1) The beach: as I already mentioned, the white sand huge beach is the first reason why one should visit Bondi. Even if you are an expert swimmers or supers, please try to stay between the flags to make lifeguards life easier.

2) The markets: the vibrant Bondi community loves the local markets and so will you. Either you prefer to wonder between natural products, vintage clothes, artisanal craft every Saturday morning or get lost in organic food stand on Sunday, this place will become your weekly addiction.

Market Entrance Market Entrance

3) Iceberg pool: who needs swimming pool if we already have a beautiful ocean available? That’s might be true, but you’ll change your mind about it knowing that in the 8$ entrance ticket there is a sauna included. Not to mention the 200 seatings bistro overlooking the swimming pool!

Bondi iceberg pool Bondi iceberg pool

4)Street Art: there is a reason why Bondi is considered home to a population of hipsters: art is everywhere! Strolling among Bondi Beach you’ll come across several art and photography studios but the best part is the Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall. A stretch of coastline overlooking the beach decorated from artist from all over the world.

Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall

5) Surf and Fitness: thousand of people take advantage from one of the best break in Australia to learn surfing. Renting a board for only 15$ or also trying to take a lesson is a must fo in Bondi Beach. But if surf doesn’t appeal you, the area also offers hundred of gyms, next to the ocean or in a cool studio.

Typical gym in Bondi Typical gym in Bondi

6) Cafes: if you ever wandered around the eastern suburbs you should know that all the people living here are easy birds. That’s why Bondi is the perfect place for a powerful breakfast. Packed with cafes anywhere, with ocean view or books immersed like Alice & Gertrude, my favourite place, is impossible to not enjoy a good breakfast!

Honestly I could keep writing about the reasons why you should visit or live for a while in Bondi but I want to add just a spare one: sunset and sunrise are magical moments from this part of the city, so arm yourself with a camera and enjoy !

Sunset hours Sunset hours

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