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robertamarra local_hero

2 years ago

Southern Great Barrier Reef

Yeppoon and Byfield National Park

Yeppoon Lookout

Most people know the Southern Australian Great Barrier Reef, especially for Bundaberg and its accessibility to luxurious islands like Lady Elliot, Hero Island, and Lady Musgrave Island. Despite their doubtless charm, not everyone can afford them due to their high prices. Somehow we found a perfect option for whoever would like to explore this area without spending a lot of money. Yeppoon.

Ocean view in Yeppoon Ocean view in Yeppoon

It was a pleasant change from Rockhampton city where the main attractions are cattle based meals, and Simone and I are vegetarian! Yeppoon is a quiet town that attracts a lot of families during the holiday season due to its pineapple agriculture. But it is also becoming an attraction for all travelers who pass by it. The soul of the town is the Lagoon, an artificial pool built on the beach where people can go swimming without being worried about “ocean dangers.”

Yeppon`s  Lagoon Yeppon`s Lagoon

The main street begins at the Lagoon and is littered with several motels and cozy cafes facing the main beach. The two breathtaking lookouts offering us a view of the sunset were a treat.

Lookout during the day Lookout during the day

However, for all nature addicts like me, Byfield National Park was the perfect spot for us. Through the Queensland National Park website, we booked a campsite for just six dollars a night, where we enjoyed a lovely day camping close to a turquoise creek. The day ended with a great dinner and a glass of wine in front of a fire pit. Not too bad at all, I’d say!

The creek in Byfield Nat Park The creek in Byfield Nat Park