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2 years ago

Springbrook National Park

Lost In Nature

Falls in the park

What I love most about traveling it’s the chance to reconnect myself with nature, that’s why I always look for a wild place during my travels. Queensland, in Australia, is definitely one of the states where I found a lot of nature and wild adventures. So far the Springbrook National Park has been my favorite place to explore in the Southern region. Not too far from Brisbane, the park offers the possibility to discover waterfalls, mountains, rainforest, lookouts and also the chance to spend a night or two under a sky full of stars. The first thing we visited once we arrived was The Natural Bridge, in the Western part of the park. It’s a rare rock formation, created by the force of the waterfall, forming a natural arch. At night it’s possible to book a special tour to admire the colony of protected glow-worms that light up the arch.

Natural Bridge Natural Bridge

After spending a peaceful night camping in the park, under a breathtaking sky, the day after we decided to walk through the park by two circuits: The Purling Brook Falls and The Twin Falls.

Twin Falls Twin Falls

Purling Brook Falls Purling Brook Falls

As the name states, they are massive waterfalls, and if it’s not cold I recommend taking a swim in them! The several lookouts are another beautiful attraction offered by the park and The Best of All Lookouts has a name that doesn’t need further explanations.

Best of All Lookouts Best of All Lookouts

Which one is your favorite waterfall?

Mine is definitely Purling Brook!

My favorite :) My favorite :)

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