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robertamarra local_hero

2 years ago

Vanlife Experience

How The Philosophy “Less Is More” Changed My Life

I have always dreamed of traveling the world in a little van and finally, when I came to Australia I was able to make this dream reality. Six months ago I would never have thought to live in such small confines for so long time but today I can say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

our home in the forest our home in the forest

Being able to decide every day what scenario to wake up to and which one to go to sleep to at night. It was a magical feeling because nothing can beat the feeling of getting up in front of the ocean or having dinner in the middle of the desert, under a starry sky.

Starting the day in front of the ocean Starting the day in front of the ocean

In a consumer society such as ours, in which everyone is focused on buying new things in order to reach happiness, the van life taught me that happiness is not about how many things we own but rather how many moments we collect along the way. When you live in 2x2 meters “Less is More” automatically becomes a state of mind because you realize that chasing a sunset, exploring nature, riding waves and meeting ew people, are what make you richer and you no longer crave those designer shoes or the latest iPhone model.

Chasing Sunsets Chasing Sunsets

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by people who tell us that one will never be happy without a job, a marriage and a normal family by 30. I learned that everyone can believe in a different vision of happiness, even if that means breaking the rules. Mine, in this very moment, and most likely for all my life, will be traveling and finding a home on four little wheels.

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