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2 years ago

Whitsunday Islands, a paradise in QLD

A less touristic experience to Whitehaven beach

The Whitsunday Islands are a group of 74 islands and are considered one of the main attractions on the central coast in QLD. If you ever find yourself dreaming about swimming in paradisiac pristine waters, camping on a desert beach or snorkeling a beautiful bay, then this is the perfect location to watch your dreams becoming a reality.

Whitsunday Beach Whitsunday Beach

The most common way to get to the islands is to book a half or full-day cruise tour from Airlie Beach. We always to prefer to explore without super touristic guided tours, so we got on Whitehaven beach thanks to a taxi water company called “Scamper.” Booking a campsite spot through the QLD National Park website was the first and only thing we needed to think about because Scamper also supplied all the camping and snorkeling gear for us.

Scamper Boat View Scamper Boat View

After a couple of hours riding the ocean waves on the boat, we arrived on the island, and as soon as we stepped on the beach, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Whitest beach ever Whitest beach ever

We spent two beautiful days away from our phones and busy crowds. Snorkeling in the ocean, strolling on the 7km whitest beach in the world, soaking in the fresh turquoise water and experiencing the peace of mind at sunset and sunrise. Choosing the perfect, wild island escape instead of an 8 hours cruise was a great choice!

Our tent right on the beach Our tent right on the beach

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