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2 years ago

Wild Cape Tribulation

Life in far North Tropical Australia

Tropical beach

“Where the reef meets the rainforest, there you`ll find Cape Tribulation village.”

110km north of Cairns, there is the village of Cape Tribulation with a population of only 300 people. Immersed in the heart of the oldest rainforest in the world, the Daintree, the village is reachable only by ferry. Paying 15$ for a one-way ticket or 30$ with a return, anyone can cross the Daintree River. Once on the other side of the shore, the landscape completely changes into the wildest place I have seen.

Reef and rainforest Reef and rainforest

The best period to visit the Australian tropic to avoid the heavy rainfalls and dangerous stinger jellyfish is during the “dry season,” which runs from May till October.

Coconut palm Coconut palm

Cape Tribulation wildlife Cape Tribulation wildlife

There are few hostels, eco-lodges, and Bed and Breakfast, most of which are operated by local people and are eco-sustainable to preserve the unique surrounding environment. Unfortunately, even if the water attempts you, swimming is not suggested due to the presence of freshwater crocodiles. Leave your phone behind as there is no connection at all in the area, but the various activities will make up for it.

Camping’s beach Camping’s beach

Cruising the river and crocodile sighting is one of my favorite activities. You can visit a few swimming holes (safe ones), or have fun with jungles ziplines. Hiking Mount Sorrow and touring tropical fruit farms are other available options and all of them will have you falling in love with Cape Tribulation and its slow lifestyle.

Cruising the Daintree river Cruising the Daintree river

View from Mount Sorrow View from Mount Sorrow