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a year ago

15 Curiosities About Nepal

Few Things To Know Before Your Trip

1 . Nepalese are strong people, accustomed to hard work, often extreme. The sherpas for example can climb mountains by carrying incredible weights on their shoulders and things that you would not normally put in your trekking backpack. Like mattress (see photo below to understand!), supplies of any types, furnitures. And they still wear plastic slippers while trekking!

Sharpa carring a mattress  on a path Sharpa carring a mattress on a path

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2. Apparently people’s natural physical strength and tenacity stems from the fact that many peasants were used to fight with tigers and wild animals in the jungle. Now everything is a bit more clear!

3. Kathmandu airport looks more like a bus station. Crowds of people move around disorderly, from one side to the other, outside and inside the building. Even during passport checks there is a relative confusion about which is the correct row to take. That’s its charm!

4. On the streets of Kathmandu elements of different nature blend together round and round: human beings, bicycles, rickshaws, scooters, wagons, carts, cows and various animals. It is a chaotic, but funny scenario for sure!

Cows in the streets of Pokhara

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5. In Nepal everything is covered by a thin layer of dust: from the products at the supermarkets to human beings.

6. You will see a lot of men on the street holding hands or hugging each other. It is only a gesture of friendship. When it comes to men and women, instead, physical gestures of affection in public are not well seen.

7. At least once a day you will experience a power cut. But not for too long, don’t worry!

8. In Nepal everybody speaks a very good English, so it won’t be a problem to communicate with locals.

9. Nepalese people are genuinely kind to everyone, not because they want to make their sale or want something in return.

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10. In the Indian temple called Pashupatinath, in Kathmandu, corpses are burned in public. According to Indi religion, the soul will return to its place of origin after abandoning the body. The spectacle of a burning corpse can shock you, but it is also a hypnotic visual experience.

11. Nepalese people don’t have the words “thank you” and “please” in their language so they say it in English.

12. The typical dish, Dal Bat, a popular curry lentil soup with rice and vegetables, is often eaten three times a day by Nepalese people. It seems like nobody gets tired of it!

13. During the Indu festival, Teej, women wear their sparkling red dresses (like the one you see in the picture) and fast in honor of the god Shiva, to guarantee the happiness of their marriage and their husbands.

Nepalese woman in their traditional red dresses Nepalese woman in their traditional red dresses

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14. The air conditioning doesn’t really exist in Nepal. Except for few fancy places.

15. On local buses the door never closes. There is always a "hanging" guy that shouts out the following stops every time the bus stops. Better than the automatic recorded voice!


IG: @chiaramaggiore_ph

Thamel Thamel

Nepalese women in their traditional red dresses Nepalese women in their traditional red dresses
Thamel Thamel
Thamel Thamel

Nepali women in their traditional dresses Nepali women in their traditional dresses

Thamel Thamel

Pani puri Street vendor Pani puri Street vendor

Street vendor Street vendor

Thamel Thamel

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