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nick.heinimann contributor

a year ago

Gstaad - Heaven on Earth

Have you ever been to Gstaad ?

Gstaad is known for many things. One of them being the place where many of the rich and famous go for winter and summer holidays as well as the big tennis tournament happening there. Apart from that Gstaad has some insane landscapes. Some of the most beautiful in the world, all you have to do is go a bit of ouf the centre and find the gondola which takes you up to the hills and start your trek from there. We did a 10 hour trek and then ended up right where we started. As long as you have a map everything is really easy as the landscape is really vast and there is a thing called a "wanderweg" which is called hike path in german. The national trust have done it so well its hard to get lost. after the 10 hour walk we indulged in swiss local cuisine which was called fondue and had a lovely apple pie with it afterwards. The views surrounding us the entire time was breathtaking and it make the hike so enjoyable as there was something new to be seen throughout the whole journey. I'd also definitely recommend that you also check out the town of Gstaad because apart from it a bit pricey you might actually really enjoy it & also maybe bump into someone famous. The small town of Gstaad is actually also really pretty.

Take 2-3 days out of your plans to visit this remarkable place. The hike itself will take a day and then you either can spend another 1-2 days in the town or go on another hike!

Locals about to go fishing Locals about to go fishing

Some of the rugged terrain and paths found whilst trekking Some of the rugged terrain and paths found whilst trekking

The Landscapes were just so stunning The Landscapes were just so stunning