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Steph local_hero

2 years ago

Neals Yard Covent Garden

One of the prettiest corners of London

The iconic square

There are some little corners of London that are only really known by Londoners or Instagrammers who follow ‘all things London’. These corners are some secret hidden gems that are there to be discovered and appreciated and Neals Yard is one of those places. After moving to London 5 years ago I made it my mission to explore not only the main tourist attractions but to unravel the nitty gritty uncelebrated sights that Londoners see and live with every day.

In a small little courtyard just off Seven Dials in Covent Garden square is Neals Yard, one day I was walking along and a glimmer of colour caught my eye through a what looked like, normal grey infused alleyway. Walking down it I discovered that it wasn’t any old courtyard but one that displayed an array of rainbow colours with fairy lights draping across the square acting as a ceiling. It had the feel and atmosphere of a tiny village homing a collection of independent cafes, restaurants and boutique shops, all supporting each other in unison.

Tucked away in the prettiest corner in London you can get your hair done, have some delicious Pizza from Homeslice, grab a glass of wine or head to the renowned Neals Yard remedies and treat yourself to some luxury cosmetics. It really is a little haven and to say it is famous amongst all the Instagrammers out there is an understatement.

So when on your travels to London be sure to hunt this unique little place down and not stumble across it as I did. You won’t be disappointed!

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