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nick.heinimann contributor

a year ago

That One Place You Must Visit In London

Mayfaield Lavender Gardens.

Mayfield Lavender Farm

When you think of London you think food, architecture, theatre but do you ever think about lavender ? I myself have also only discovered this place after living over a year in london. it's the one place that draws almost as much attention as a regular theatre show would in London's city centre. It may . possibly be well known for its sleepy scent and soothing properties, but there’s nothing dozy about the explosion of colour. Englands Lavender season runs from May to September. The best time to go is in August. You’ll smell these rolling, perfumed fields long before you see them. The fields were Set up in 2006 to help revive the historic lavender industry, which then boomed here in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the 25-acre farm harvests its lavender and distils its oil on the original Victorian site. When visiting there is no entry free and you wander freely through the rows of purple. There is a beautiful tiny cafe in a old looking american RV where you can enjoy lavender tea and a scone. You can also purchase lavender right from the fields and other treats in their Alfresco restaurant .

If you are into photography or videography this place provides excellent portrait photos as well as a travel vibe for photographers. I would advise to come as early as possible and then venture to the furthest fields as most of the times there are no people around the top of the fields. If you are in London Id highly reccomend visiting :)

Laughter all round! Laughter all round!

Lavender Fields make for great portrait scenes Lavender Fields make for great portrait scenes

Sunset At  the LAvender Fields Sunset At the LAvender Fields