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nick.heinimann contributor

a year ago

That One Place You Must Visit in London

Strolling through Londons Regent Park

London's Regent Park

London Has almost about everything but little would you know not many people actually viist london for its parks. Well some may visit Myde Park because it is actually really well known but not many travel to Regents park, which is in my opinion much nicer than the famed Hyde Park. If you are a keen bird watcher this Royal park is the place to be. The bird usually are around at dawn and they come from the ZSL London zoo which is right next to the park. Not only will you be able to have a beautiful stroll in the park but you'll also get to see the various animals that the London Zoo has. Animals such as Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, penguins and so on.

The Best time to visit the park in my opinion would be autumn as the leaves change colour and the Park becomes much more colourful and vibrant, however it is still beautiful all year round. The park itself consists of 345 acres so there is plenty of room to go for a stroll. I also find it quite nice to have a picnic underneath the trees and just people watch. There is a map at the start of the park which shows you all the possible routes and where you can go. It took us around 30 minutes to walk around the whole park but you can easily spend up to half a day there. If you are into photography this is also a really good place to take photos and you may also encounter squirells which are fun to take portraits of. If you visit london this is definatley a park YOU MUST visit when in London.

Autumn Leaves at Regents park Autumn Leaves at Regents park

Enjoying Regents Park Enjoying Regents Park

Another Section of Regents Park Another Section of Regents Park

Entrance to Regents Park Entrance to Regents Park