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Steph local_hero

a year ago

The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew 🌿🌺

Princess of Wales Conservatory

Whether you’re visiting London on holiday or you’re a local like me who, until a couple of weeks ago hadn’t yet been, it should definitely be added to your bucket list! By no means do you need to be a horticultural enthusiast to enjoy it! As soon we walked through the grand entrance we were introduced with a crossroads that made us realise how extremely vast it was, and how many nooks and crannies there were to explore.

We initially ended up walking through this overgrown secret path that ended us up at the kitchen gardens that then lead to Kew Palace. The architecture was absolutely stunning and you can go inside and explore (entry to Kew palace is included in your Kew gardens ticket). After leaving there we decided to just walk and see what we stumbled across. If you’re afraid of heights this may not be for you, but there is an elevated walkway 18 meters off the ground called Treetop Walkway that presents scenic views of the gardens, it’s something a little different and fun. Highly recommend.

The main event or I should probably say the most recognisable attraction at Kew Gardens is the Princess of Wales Conservatory. You walk in and you’re instantly greeted with a steamy tropical oasis full of amazing plants and trees from around the world, it truly is a glassy labyrinth and it feels so special. My personal favourite was heading up the quaint spiral staircase that takes you up to the ceiling, allowing you to walk amongst the tops of the trees.

All in all, this is a place where you need to simply explore at your own pace and leisure, there is no specific route you need to take. If you get there in the morning you could even spend the afternoon relaxing on the grass or on one of the benches they place around the grounds. There are cafes and restaurants to choose from so you can either purchase casual refreshments or have a sit-in meal. It's the perfect day out for families and loved ones.

Prepare to take lots and lots of photos!

beautiful interiors inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory beautiful interiors inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory

The rustic spiral staircase The rustic spiral staircase

....another just because I OVE it ....another just because I OVE it

All the jungle vibes! All the jungle vibes!

Such a peaceful place to sit Such a peaceful place to sit

The Treetop walkway The Treetop walkway

A view of the Treetop walkway from below A view of the Treetop walkway from below

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