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nick.heinimann contributor

a year ago

This is a Beach You Cannot Miss.

The 7 Mile Beach In New South Wales Australia.

87Mile Beach New south Wales, Australia

Australia is the land of beaches and sun. Not many beaches can compare to the ones that are in Australia. Which makes competition very hard. Every now and then you when you travel and you go off the beaten track you stumble upon some crazy places either yet to be discovered or places not many people visit. The 7 Mile beach is one of those places. Hidden off the side of a road around 2 hours away from Sydney lies the most beautiful and remote beach I have seen in NSW. It's sheer size and length is already what makes it so majestic and magnificent. The quietness and the sound of the waves crashing bring inner peace to the soul. This beach is a place you can go to for a romantic getaway or an evening stroll if you are in the area. Even picnics and small bonfire's are welcome here.

There is a small town right across the beach which you can see whilst on the beach and if you are lucky then you might also spot some wallabies or Kangaroo's hanging around by the beach. This spot and the whole of the NSW coast is incredible for landscape and travel photography enthusiasts. There is so much to see and so much to take photos of aswell as if you come in the spring/ Summer time you may be able to spot Whales and capture incredible photos with a drone. It is fairly simple to get to the 7 Mile beach via car and is only a 2 hour drive away so it can easily be done in a day. That's what we did! So if you are in Sydney DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE

Crystal Clear Water at the 7 Mile Beach Crystal Clear Water at the 7 Mile Beach

The Small town that can be seen from the Beach The Small town that can be seen from the Beach

Waves crashing is so peaceful Waves crashing is so peaceful