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nick.heinimann contributor

a year ago

UWHS - Öschinnen Lake

Unesco World Heritage Site

The Beautiful Öschinnen Lake

I never knew about this place until I googled, "best places to visit in Switzerland for landscape/travel photographers. Many photographers and others spoke so highly of this place and said it was a must visit and you definitely could not leave it out. Yet again they say that about almost any place in Switzerland because it really is just so beautiful. I decided to check it out and oh my did it amaze me. No wonder this place was a Unesco World Heritage Site. It was truly unbelievable, so quaint and rather small but so beautiful at the same time. When you arrive it is a small walk through a beautiful path, you'll pass farmland and farm animals and 20 minutes later you arrive at the lake. You could keep going as the trek goes much further but i'd recommend that you spend as much time as possible at the lake itself. There is a lovely little cafe there in which you can have some food and drinks whilst watching the lake and mountain background. In summer it is also possible to go for a swim in the lake and you can rent paddle boats to go around the lake. The mountain is covered in snow all year round so there is a extremely high chance you'll be able to see snow if you do go. Paddle to the mountain and you might even be able to touch it!

Traditional Swiss Hut. Traditional Swiss Hut.

The Path towards the Lake The Path towards the Lake

Mountains as far as the eye can see! Mountains as far as the eye can see!

Wouldnt you want to sit here ? Wouldnt you want to sit here ?