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nick.heinimann contributor

a year ago

Watch Out when You Visit This Location

England's White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover.

Dover is a small town and port on the south side of England. You can take a boat from there over to france (Which we did not do) but if you are feeling adventurous by all means give it a try. What we did do is check out the white cliffs of dover. The white cliffs of Dover are a part of the norht downs formation. This is the name given to the region of English coastline that is facing the strait of Dover and France. The faces of the cliffs reach a very impressive 110m (350ft). It's incredibly striking appearance is mostly thanks to the composition of chalk which is accented by streaks of black flint. A section of the cliffs were purchased by the National Trust. The National Trust is englands most well known landscape trust.

When walking by the white cliffs of dover you'll have to be careful not to get too close to the each as it is very unsteady. Large parts of the cliffs chalk has worn off and the ground closer to the edge of the cliffs fall off from time to time so its best to keep your distant from the outer edge of the cliffs. The walk itself is absolutely beautiful. You are surrounded by lush green landscapes and you can watch the ferry's come in and out of the port. One you start walking soon you will see a small lighthouse, you should walk all the way to the lighthouse as there is a lovely cafe in which you can have a small bite to eat and a drink. You can also sit outside if it is warm and sunny and just look out into the ocean and horizon. This place is definitely one of my favourites as it shows the pure beauty that the british landscapes have to offer. It is really accessible by car and Train so you should have no excuse not to go!

There are also so really beautiful passages. There are also so really beautiful passages.

This cliffs are absolutely massive This cliffs are absolutely massive

The walk should take around 1 hour each way. The walk should take around 1 hour each way.