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Komodo Island Itinerary - Day 3

October// 2019

Exploring around the islands of Komodo National Park has a way of making you feel incredibly blessed. Feels like sailing through postcards to be honest and being able to share that with a group of friends is spectacular. This post is all about the final day itinerary of our trip with Travass Life through paradise, before we headed back to real life.

*If you’ve missed the previous 2 day itinerary be sure to check them out in my last two posts!

Squad Enjoing Some Bevs on the Top Deck Squad Enjoing Some Bevs on the Top Deck

Waking up for sunrise isn’t usually something I struggle with and I think it’s because of the overwhelming excitement I have for watching the sun come up in different places all over the world. This morning on the boat was a highlight for me, we didn’t have any plans to get off the boat but we still got up at 5:30am anyway. The sun rose over Kalong Island, which is where we watched all the bats fly above us the night before, and it was so beautiful. The stillness in the water and the colours if the sky, watching night turn to day, I love it so much. Em decided to climb the mast to get the best view in the house!

Sunrise at Kalong Island

Our first actual stop for today was a snorkelling opportunity in some of the most pristine, blue waters I have ever seen! When the boat stopped at Sabolo Island I was amazed at the clarity of the water, truly beautiful! This island is also home to a resort called Le Pirate Island where you can spend the night in an open air beach hut just steps away from the water- I’ve already added it to my bucket list!

That Water! That Water!

My creative senses were at an all time high not just today, but the entire trip! I had an idea of a shot that would include everyone on the boat and when we arrived at Sabolo Island I knew this was the perfect location! We were a group of 9 involved in the execution of this and it took a lot of dedication. “Teamwork make the dreamwork” has never been used more appropriately in my life than in this very moment. We all had positions; Gavin & I were on the mast, with the idea of backflipping symmetrically. Em & Mik were underwater swimming beside the boat and Ivana & Ionna were in the net on the front of the boat- obviously we colour coordinated the girls swimmers haha. We had Filippo on the drone to capture the behind the scenes action with Fred on the camera and Jamie communicating between all of us. I love having a dream and seeing it come to life with a squad, there’s squad goals and then there’s Travis Life Komodo Island Tour, under over, snorkelling, backflipping, drone flying, paradise island hopping, great bunch of sending it human squad goals!

BTS Drone Footage

If this isn’t a little chunk of paradise I seriously don’t know what is. Kelor Island was our final destination before heading back to the port in Labuan Bajo. What a place to end the epic 3 day trip; we set off on the extremely steep dirt track to the top view point and WOW! My love for Indonesia and nature is endless and I have only seen a tiny part if it. Kelor Island is the perfect example of this, the different colours of blue in the water, matched with the volcanic mountains we could see in the distance, it just blows my mind! This tiny island is one of an estimated 17,000-18,500 islands that this country is made up of- so much more beauty to explore!

View from the Top of Kelor Island View from the Top of Kelor Island

So after a trip of a life time we arrived back to the port of Labuan Bajo, said our goodbyes to the amazing guides and crew and disembarked the boat. We were a group of 9 people who were all also creators, so this trip really was 100% about doing what we love. Travass Life created our itinerary based on our needs and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! In this National Park area, there are so many islands and we wouldn’t even of covered a third of it, yet it must be the most unique and beautiful archipelago I have ever seen! From pink sand beaches, to the gorgeous volcanic mountains on the islands, to the perfectly blue waters and marine life! It has literally everything to be considered paradise! I highly encourage you to go see it for yourself!

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