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My Favourite Spots in Uluwatu

October// 2019

The previous post was about Uluwatu, and how to enjoy a getaway down there in the best way possible - relaxing and still making time for some simple yet highly rewarding photo missions along the coast of the peninsula! This post will cover a few more spots - my favorite beach, my favorite cliff point, and my favorite dinner spot! All depending on where you’re staying, you could start the day with a calming sunrise (if you’re staying on the eastern or southern coast of the Bukit.) If that’s the case, I recommend the following afterwards:
Melasti Beach - Karang Boma Cliff - The Cashew Tree.

Emma \x26 I enjoying Sunset Emma & I enjoying Sunset

No trip to Uluwatu is complete without a trip to my favourite beach for swimming spot; Melasti Beach. This is such a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon. You’ll find the unspoiled blue waters located below a high limestone cliff and white sand stretching as far as the eye can see. This place is also growing in popularity at quite the pace - When I went there a year ago it seemed more stranded forsure as there were just a few rentable beach chairs and local vendors walking around with ice cream and coconuts. This time around however, about a year since I was last there - we stumbled upon a new beach club that has just recently opened a few weeks ago! It’s called Palmilla, and it offers food & drinks (delicious pizza) with day beds & an infinity-style pool overlooking the ocean. This place is sure to give you the real vacation vibes you are likely looking for down south!

This Place was so Sick! This Place was so Sick!

Next spot: Karang Boma Cliff, also known as the Uluwatu Cliff, has become one of the most popular sunset viewpoints in the south of Bali and it is definitely one of my favourites to watch golden hour turn to night. From Melasti Beach it took about 20 minutes by scooter and we arrived here just after 5:30pm which was the perfect time to watch the sky light up! There is an entrance fee of 10,000 IDR as this spot has become an increasingly popular spot over the last year or so, for photographers and Instagram fanatics. Locals have started flocking to this spot for sunset chill outs involving mini bonfires and Bintang sessions! From Karang Boma cliff, you can also see the VERY popular “Uluwatu temple” standing atop a giant cliff just a few hundred meters away. I highly recommend visiting this spot even if you aren’t into taking photos, as iit’s a great place to sit with a couple of mates and enjoy the breathtaking views (over a few beers maybe?)

Sunset View ON POINT!

After a busy day of exploring and shooting, my favourite place to unwind and eat has got to be at The Cashew Tree (very near Bingin Beach)! I come here every time I visit Uluwatu and I swear it just gets better every time i visit! We ordered a bunch of vegetarian options including nachos, a big fat vegetable buddha bowl, quinoa sushi and the chips share plate. All of these were basically just YUM! The nachos especially were on point and the chips share plate is an obvious crowd pleaser (zucchini fries are unreal - trust me!)

How Good!? How Good!?

If you are after a nice getaway style vacation for a few days, I can’t recommend any place higher than Uluwatu! Bali is an obvious destination for so many, and there are a ton of place you could go when you are here - but make sure to add Uluwatu to the itinerary because you have a unique combination of laid-back surfing vibes and some of the best luxury hotels and resorts in Bali! 

Happy adventuring dear friends!