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Stockholm - Fotografiska

Get ready to be inspired

the view from the top floor

Fotografiska is the best photo gallery I’ve been to, no question. It’s a pretty big claim so let me explain why.

Situated by the water in Sodermalm, Fotografiska opened in 2010 and houses contemporary photography exhibitions. The exterior is very art nouveau, made of red brick offset by black features. It’s a huge building with four main exhibition rooms and around 20 smaller display areas. We visited in August 2019 and were lucky enough to see the heartbreaking work of war photographer James Nachtwey, stunning portraits by Vincent Peters and surreal scenes by Scarlett Hooft Graafland.

James Nachtwey\x27s work James Nachtwey's work

The flow of the exhibitions work really well and offer enough space to really enjoy the work. Each room is set up to capture the essence of the work being displayed. There was a fully immersive exhibition on images of stockholm that projected images on all four walls around you. The sounds and the ways the images moved was so cool and it felt like the whole room was moving. The exhibitions also seem to rotate pretty often so I’ll definitely head back next time I’m in Stockholm.

The best part about Fotografiska is the restaurant and bar at the very top of the building. If you’re there at the right time, you’ll catch the most amazing sunset over Gamla Stan. The windows are huge and the views were sensational. We had a glass of wine and watched the seagulls swoop, the boats come in and the sky change from blue to pink, orange and red. Such a magical moment.

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