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Valencia - Plaza de la Virgen

Spend an afternoon relaxing in Plaza de la Virgen

Orange trees in the square

What I see as the ‘heart of Valencia’, Plaza de la Virgen is a romantic, atmospheric and exceptionally Spanish square and a place enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

the view from Calle Caballeros the view from Calle Caballeros

What can you see in Plaza de la Virgen? Situated next to the more touristy Plaza de Reina, visitors come to see the cathedral, central fountain and the plethora of food and drink establishments on the outskirts of the square. The many side streets that lead off the square make it very easy to get to and as you approach you are likely to see a beautiful view of la Fuente de Turia (or Turia’s fountain) which sits in the middle of the space. Thunderous and often offering brief respite from the heat, it’s a great photo opportunity. The cathedral is most likely the reason for visiting this area and it does not disappoint. Big brown doors lead into the cathedral and here you can pay a few euros to explore the interior and also climb the couple of hundred steps up the cathedral tower. It’s not the scariest tower I’ve climbed up but also not for the faint hearted as it can get a little narrow at times. The views of Valencia are well worth the effort though, especially if you catch the sunset!

The square is worth visiting in the evening, where it really comes alive! Dine al fresco at one of the many tapas bars. My favourites are Saona and La Seu, which is a local gem. Drink sangria or the famous Agua de Valencia and enjoy the evening heat. If you feel like a stroll after dinner then walk down Calle Caballeros which will take you to Valencia’s old town and the lively Barrio del Carmen. For a quieter stroll, you can venture down Carrer de Navellos where you will find Valencia’s Turia park.

I’ve spent many hours soaking up the atmosphere and buzz in Plaza de la Virgen; I hope you find it as beautiful as I do!

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