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Scuba diving in Gili Islands


I took a fast boat from West shore of Lombok for 80k IDR , took about 20 minutes to reach the Gili Islands,

I got to know the island only has paddle bikes and horse carts as the means of transportation, which was the best part, totally eco friendly.

I took a hotel right by the east shore to be able to wake up with sun and go right in the ocean every morning for a snorkel session.

The main reason to visit the island was the snorkel trip and my first scube dive;

It was my third day on the island, and 23rd November, my birthday and I have a ritual of going to a new place every year and doing somehting for the first time; this year it was my first Scuba Dive;

The experience started with a brief training in the pool of my dive school ( and later we went in the ocean, 20m deep;

Oh well! What an experience, so blissful and enriching.

The session was 45 minutes long in the ocean with 10-15 minutes pool training, and it cost about 1.1 million IDR which is roughly 80$, worth every penny!

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