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Revolution Hotel, La Havana

By AceCoolture

In our second day, we slept at Revolution boutique hotel. It is located in the very heart of La Havana, near a very popular street called Obispo. This great boutique hotel has 4 rooms and each one of them expresses comfort and relax.

The staff is very kind and hospital. We really enjoyed the tropical breakfast with fresh squeezed passion fruit juice and having a nice cup of coffee in the mini garden type terrace.

What we loved about this boutique hotel was the jungle feeling we got staying there. The rooms are all designed with natural materials (wood, rock...) and the common areas are filled with tropical plants and red brick walls.

Another great factor for choosing this hotel was that it is located near Old Town where everything is. Just by walking distance you have restaurants, live music and the famous sea view of El Malecon!