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The Palm Jumeirah In Dubai

by StephLong

High and mighty

The Palm Jumeirah is nothing short of a symbolic creation of just how incredibly over the top and unnatural Dubai is. The desire to always be the best and biggest is shown through not only the Burj Khalifa being the tallest building but this man-made island also currently stands as the worlds largest. The out of the box yet perfectly relevant island is shaped like a palm tree, and I’ve seen friend’s photos looking down at it from a helicopter ride and it is truly spectacular.

The Persian Gulf The Persian Gulf

The island oozes wealth consisting of sought after residential properties, luxury 5* hotels and restaurants all scattered across the trunk and palm leaves, but for me personally, the best part is right at the very peak of the island at the Atlantis Hotel and beach resort. Sadly we didn’t stay there but the visit alone made up for it (a bit). The feeling of looking out across the Persian Gulf with a cocktail in 38-degree heat will never leave my mind.

Sea views Sea views

To get across to the Atlantis you ride on an interrail train, it honestly feels like you’re entering another world entirely and you get the best view of the hotel, which looks like something from a Disney movie due to the colors and shapes of it. AMAZING. Such a jaw-dropping moment and no photos truly do it any justice.

Lovely exterior Lovely exterior

We found this little beach cafe called Tribeca where we sat in these really comfy sun lounges and looked out across the gulf while the sun blazed. I remember turning around and looking at the hotel standing majestically behind me and thinking ‘wow, hello Dubai’. We both looked at each other and made a promise that we’d book a few nights here soon.

Walking along Walking along

After our refreshment, we decided to walk along the coastline. It seems strange saying ‘coastline’ as it actually feels like you’re in the middle of the ocean. Not to mention really man-made; like the feeling you get when you’re stand on the end of a very long (and extravagant) pier. We made our way along the coastline and we ended up reaching a building site to only discover it was actually the end of the Palm’s development. The left-hand side of the outer circle of the palm was still under construction, which was once again so bizarre to experience.

Palm trees everywhere Palm trees everywhere

Being right at the end of the Palm Jumeirah also meant that looking back to the city was astounding, you could still see all the skyscrapers in the distance. I was VERY proud of this shot below, which believe it or not consists of fake but incredibly real looking trees (yes I did go and touch one to make sure!) holding up a road. Bringing the whole man-made thing to a whole new level.

These trees are fake! These trees are fake!
Can\x27t wait to come back! Can't wait to come back!

I could write about Dubai for hours as it isn’t a place like any other that I’ve visited, look out for many more stories and guides to come!

Goodbye Dubai! Goodbye Dubai!

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