When is the Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe?

The Ultimate Guide

Best time to visit Zimbabwe

Do you want to explore a wildlife destination? Travelling to Zimbabwe might be the ideal option for you. This African country is famous for its diverse landscapes, numerous heritage sites, and prominent wildlife. Therefore, if you are into wildlife, natural sites, and adventures, you must know the best time to visit Zimbabwe.

Choosing the ideal time to visit a destination is essential for the most memorable trip. You will have to ensure that the climate conditions are suitable for exploring the region so that you can make the most of the destination.

Is Zimbabwe your next travel destination? In that case, you should look for cost-effective flights to Zimbabwe from London. But first, you must know the perfect time to visit the country.

When is the Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has a warm climate throughout the year, but some months are comparatively hotter than others. The perfect time to visit Zimbabwe is July, August, September, and October. These months are ideal for game viewing in the country.

Wildlife gathers around rivers and waterholes, especially around artificial waterholes. Big herds of African elephants congregate at the artificially pumped waterholes in Hwange. Even though September and October are two hot and driest months, they are perfect for wildlife viewing.

Also, Victoria Falls is in its more stunning condition during these months. If you want to experience the falls in their most dramatic form, you must visit the country in April or May. During these months, the waters are in full flood.

However, you look forward to exploring the region's rich cultural history. In that case, you should visit the country between November and March. This is when many different species of migratory birds travel to the country.

Month-by-Month Guide to Visit Zimbabwe

Here is a month-by-month guide to visiting Zimbabwe for you so that you can plan your journey at the perfect time.


January is a low-demand month because of the rainy season in the region. It is a difficult time for wildlife viewing. Moreover, Victoria Falls also has lower water in these months. The advantage of visiting the country in January is that there will be fewer crowds and you might even get some good discounts.


February also comes with plenty of rain and is considered a wet season. Victoria Falls, at the time, is in its full flow because of the high water levels of the Zambezi River. But you don’t have the full majestic view of the massive Falls because of the mist.


March is a warm and humid month in Zimbabwe. Most of the afternoons feature thunderstorms. This is undoubtedly an excellent time to visit Victoria Falls because of the ideal water levels. You also get to witness the gorgeous scenic beauty of the site that surrounds the waters.


April is an unpredictable month concerning the weather conditions in the country. The temperatures drop a little, and there is less rainfall. Game parks are lush with greenery during April. You should wear diverse clothing if you plan to visit Zimbabwe this month.


May is one of the peak months in Zimbabwe. Most tourists visit the region this month due to the perfect wildlife viewing and high water levels at Victoria Falls. The rates of everything will be higher during May because of the peak season. You will see this month when you browse for when is the best time to visit Zimbabwe.


June is among the best months for safari or wildlife sightings in Zimbabwe. As the dry season in the country starts, natural waterholes dry up, and wildlife gathers the artificial ones and lakes to sustain. You will see giant herds of wildlife, mainly elephants, in June.


July is another month of perfect wildlife viewing in the country. But the weather starts getting cold, especially during the nighttime. So, if you visit Zimbabwe in July, pack your clothing accordingly.


August is among the best times for wildlife viewing in the country. The water levels at Victoria Falls started declining; therefore, the amount of tourists visiting the country decreased.


In September, the Annual Game Count starts in Hwange, a prominent event in the country. You get a chance to explore this region and interact with the locals.


October is the hottest month in Zimbabwe. But it is still one of the best times to go for wildlife sightings.


If you are visiting Zimbabwe for bird viewing, November would be the perfect time. The weather is either very hot or wet during this month.


This is another month of excellent bird watching in the country. You can also go for wildlife viewing as safaris are usually less crowded.


Zimbabwe is a stunning country known for its exceptional African wildlife safari. But you can only enjoy it to its fullest if you plan your trip at the ideal time. Therefore, you must know when is the best time to visit Zimbabwe. You can book flights to Harare from London and travel to the region at the best prices and at the ideal time.