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Mexico City, Street Food Wonders

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"For the Mexican, eating on the street is more than a custom, it's a millenary culture and sometimes a necessity"

Mexican food is one of the most varied in the world and when it comes to street food it is no exception because there is plenty of variety starting with different types of tacos, tortas, tamales, tlayudas, tlacoyos, sopes, and prepared among many more .

Although it seems that they are simple dishes, the elaboration requires great effort. It all starts whit getting up at 4 in the morning to go to the supply center to choose the right products for the preparation.

Boy selling chile in the supply center. Boy selling chile in the supply center.

Fresh products Fresh products

For breakfast you can start your day with the torta of chilaquiles elaborated by tortilla chips with green sauce cream and cheese and adding a breaded milanesa inside a bun. It is not a common combination but they are one of the most famous street food places in Mexico City.

Torta de chilaquil Torta de chilaquil

For lunch you can go for tlacoyos that are made of corn stuffed with beans. You can try them with different ingredients such as chicharrón, mushrooms, meat, cheese, and then you put salsa and nopales on top.

Tlacoyos Tlacoyos

Tlacoyistas Tlacoyistas

To finish the day, these tacos are a must. The Tacos Cocuyos in the historic center of the city have great variety and the flavor will surprise you.

tacos cocuyos tacos cocuyos

The biggest advantage of this place is that they are open 24/7 and you can go after a night of drinks or a quiet day of sightseeing around the historic center.

Tortas de chilaquiles: La Esquina Del Chilaquil, Alfonso Reyes 139, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México,

Tlacoyos: Mercado Medellín, Campeche 101, Roma Sur

Tacos Cocuyos:Los Cocuyos, Calle de Bolívar 57, Centro Histórico de México

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