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Ice cream in Chalkida, Greece

Queen Vaniglia

Just one hour away from Athens, I highly recommended Chalkida as a place to visit. There you can find amazing coffee shops in front of the sea, taverns ready to serve you great Greek food, and the fantastic Old Bridge.

Don’t miss going to the Old Bridge when you visit Chaldika, as there you can see a strange phenomenon: while the waters are constantly moving, they frequently change the direction they’re moving in. Sometimes they are head towards the North and sometimes towards the South Evian. The locals call this phenomenon the “crazy waters”.

Queen Vaniglia Queen Vaniglia

As we were observing the crazy waters, we found ourselves craving some ice cream. Queen Vaniglia is well-known for its colorful ice cream cones and homemade unique flavors. At Queen Vaniglia you can find special flavors of ice cream, like Kinder Bueno, Ferrero, pistachio; sorbet flavors such as watermelon, melon, lemon, strawberry, and frozen yogurt as well. Also, you can find delicious waffle cones.

We wanted something to go, so we had our ice cream on the colorful cones; yogurt with cherries and black forest for me and Ferrero with strawberry for my husband.

We sat on a bench on the Old Bridge watching the waters changing direction while eating our ice cream. The Old Bridge is usually crowded, but not to the point where it’s unpleasant to spend time there.

You can easily spend an afternoon enjoying a walk next to the sea, getting some awesome photos of the scenery, and having a lovely time eating the best ice cream in Chalkida outside of the city center.