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The Fat Mermaid

Chic and fun spot for all day dining

A short stroll away from the best surf spot in Canggu, Bali, this Fat Mermaid has washed in from the ocean to set up themselves up as a friendly restaurant in the coastal neighbourhood.

The two story building has air-conditioning on the ground floor and views of the area from their open aired second floor. Great throughout the day for food from breakfast till dinner with its bubbly atmosphere and the vibrant décor, full-fledged bar and live music in the evenings helps to instil an eccentric ambience.

The Fat Mermaid doesn’t just offer seafood dishes. There’s a range of tasty options available on a fusion inspired menu of Western classics and Indonesian favourites.

Their Avo Nice Day all-day Smashed avocado on toast option simply cannot be beaten for value. At RP28,000, this is an amazing meal deal that you would pay a fortune for back in Europe, and you can add an egg for just RP10,000 more. If you want something a little more substantial, dishes such as the Chicken Parmigiana (RP90,000) will leave you with only just enough room for dessert. Their Homemade Pannacotta (RP30,000) is scrumptious.

Not until the fat lady sings goes the saying, and she’s singing for you to come over for a hearty meal at the Fat Mermaid.

The Fat Mermaid The Fat Mermaid

Homemade Pannacotta (RP30,000) Homemade Pannacotta (RP30,000)