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Here you will find the Best Adventure Treks around Ausangate, Rainbow Mountain, and Machu Picchu.

Ausangate Trek is a Recognized and Professional trekking company based in Cusco, and we are a unique Company that is 100% specialists ONLY in Ausangate Trek and Rainbow Mountain Peru. Our treks are done in smaller groups to minimize our impact on the environment and ensure the highest quality and attention to each passenger. Every tour is operated by our highly accredited and experienced guides who take you along the world-famous Apu Ausangate.

Ausangate lake Ausangate lake

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This magnificent trek will take you to explore the surrounding areas of the mighty Ausangate & Rainbow Mountain, passing throughout beautiful Andean villages, fantastic turquoise lagoons, and natural hot springs. The Ausangate Trek offers you a real taste of Andean life. You get to see little communities where they still speak Incan language and where they still have a traditional way of life—ending with a magical visit to the citadel of Machu Picchu!

Ausangate Mountain Ausangate Mountain
Ausangate Peru Ausangate Peru

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