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Exploring Benidorm by Electric Bike

Zoom along the Costa Brava hills

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When you think of Benidorm, you probably think of cheesy night clubs, the strip and sangria before you think about (or even know about!) the gorgeous cliff top views and plethora of adventures to be had.

A morning spent zooming around on a Tao Bike is some of the most fun you’ll have whilst you’re holidaying on the Spanish Costa Brava. They’re fully electric so, aside from a little peddling, the bike will do all the hard work for you as you climb the hills! Reaching up to 30km an hour, they’re perfect for those who like a bit of a thrill too.

Your reward for all your hard cycling work (wink wink) is far reaching views across the city and down the Game of Thrones style cliffs to the crashing ocean waves below. Not only will you cover far more ground than on foot but you can be confident in the knowledge that it’s an environmentally friendly way to explore the city too.

If you do fancy working up a sweat, just customise the fully adjustable settings and choose how much assistance you want from the motor!

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