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Exploring the Benidorm Clifftops

Game of Thrones style views!

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Benidorm is hardly renowned for it’s scenery. In fact, I think - blinded by the lights from the party strip and it’s somewhat questionable reputation - most tourists forget it even has scenery. As it turns out, the Spanish city on the Costa Brava coast is home to some of the most beautiful limestone cliff tops you’ll find.

They’re so beautiful that at one point, the crew from Game of Thrones came to scope out the areaas a potential filming location for the iconic TV series! So the spot is a must visit for any Game of Thrones too; it’s easy to pretend you’re on the cliffs of King’s Landing.

Reaching the cliffs is a moderate hike from the esplanade. The incline is gradual and you’re rewarded for your efforts with constant views across the pedestrian and bicycle only track! You’ll be stopping off for refreshment breaks with a view and to take a hundred photos every few minutes.

If walking isn't really your thing, you can also hire bicycles or electric bikes to make your way up the cliffs.

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