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5 Things To Know About Kuala Lumpur

On of the most multicultural city of SEA


Kuala Lumpur, the modern capital of Malaysia, is certainly a big metropolis.

1900 majestic skyscrapers and tall buildings rise high into the sky, like hundreds of trees made of steel.

If compared with other big cities in South East Asia, such as Bangkok, Hanoi or Manila, Kuala Lumpur is actually very livable and uncluttered.

The city is perfectly and well connected because of its leading-edge means of transportation, which are also very affordable (you will pay only 1RM for a metro ticket!).

Every building has been built according to a specific plan, giving the city the look of a big and modern capital.


Whether you are a short of long term traveler, you will feel to be part of a huge community of expats and locals. Most of the people feel like home in Kuala Lumpur, called actually “KL” by everybody in Malaysia.

Every week there are some Couch surfing events that you can join; it’s like being part of a big family of expats and travelers from everywhere in the world.

Dinner at a Penthouse Dinner at a Penthouse

A special thing about KL is its cultural and linguistic diversity, which everybody seems to embrace. In fact, three different ethnic groups live peacefully together: Malaysians are the majority, followed by Chineses and Indians.


Kuala Lumpur is famous for being one the busiest shopping cities in South East Asia, together with Bangkok. People from all over Asia come to KL just to do some shopping among its thousands and thousands of malls.

The malls are not just commercial spots where people buy what they need; they are also social gathering places. Locals would meet up with their friends and family in malls, having a coffee, lunch or dinner. Malls can offer everything you need: you can find clothes shops, restaurants, bakeries, cinema, spa…

Shopping center in KL Shopping center in KL

They literally are small cities inside the city.

Famous shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur: Pavilion Shopping Mall , KL Sentral, Times Square, The Garden.


Looking for some night life? If you want to party, have drinks in rooftop bars, with amazing view of the skyline, or go clubbing, then you are in the right place.

Dinner at a rooftop Dinner at a rooftop

One neuralgic spot for a night of dancing and drinking is the popular bar street called Jalan Alor.

Nearby you can also walk around the modern area of Bukit Bintang, filled with more bars and street food.

Another popular place for nightlife is TREC KL, which you can easily reach by taxi, a complex of bar and restaurants. You will certainly have a blast!

Best place at sunset to watch KL from the top? The famous Heli Lounge Bar! You pay an entrance fee of 10 euro, which includes a drink of your choice as well.


Because of its cultural diversity, Kuala Lumpur is one the best place in Malaysia to eat food from all over Asia (and the world). You can choose among traditional Malaysian food, Chinese and Indian food.

Street market and food courts are the best spots to grab any type of food you want!

Malaysian Food Malaysian Food

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