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Val Rosandra, Friuli Venezia Giulia

A natural reserve a few steps from the city

Val Rosandra is a protected natural reserve in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It’s located a few kilometers away from the city of Trieste, right on the border with Slovenia, in the village of San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina.

Val Rosandra is a breathtaking valley, divided in two by the Rosandra stream which then flows into the sea.

With its rich nature, it is a great destination for hikers, speleologists or simply outdoors lovers.

In the summer you can even swim in gorgeous natural water pools, created by the stream, and have fun in some waterfalls you’ll find along the path.


The valley has a lot to offer to visitors. It has several archaeological sites, whose remains are still visible: the castellieri (a type of prehistoric settlement), the Roman aqueduct dating back to the 1st century AD, the medieval castle in Moccò and the typical iceboxes (jazere) built in ancient times to keep the winter ice.

Visitor Center

The Visitor Center of the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve is located within the cultural center in Bagnoli della Rosandra, the entrance to the Valley.

You should visit the center if you want to learn more about the nature, the vegetation and the history of the Reserve.

You will find dioramas, images and films that will give you more information about Val Rosandra.

The centre also organizes guided tours for visitors.

For Bike lovers

Are you an adventurous bike lover? Then you will love this valley!

In Val Rosandra it is possible to make one of the most suggestive cycle paths in the province of Trieste: the cycle / pedestrian path- called "Val Rosandra cycle path". It is the only cycle and pedestrian path, since it’s forbidden to travel the other paths of the Reserve by bicycle.

Waterfall Waterfall

Val Rosandra is a refuge, where you can have a break from the city and its noise.

If you’re around Trieste, you can’t miss it.

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