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A Secret Portuguese Restaurant in Lisbon

The view from the outside deceives any uninformed traveler - when you cross its doors, you find yourself inside a Moroccan riad! However, you are in fact entering a traditional Portuguese restaurant called “Casa do Alentejo”, located in the downtown of Lisbon.

It is a nucleus of people from Alentejo (a region in the south of Portugal) in the capital of the country, which means that you will find traditional food from that area in this restaurant.

Casa do Alentejo Casa do Alentejo

The building where Casa do Alentejo is housed used to be a palace during the 17th century. Later, in the 20th century, it underwent transformations that turned the place into the first casino in Lisbon. Finally, more recently, this building was filled with neo-Arab and neo-classical elements and became the current Casa do Alentejo.

One of the most fascinating rooms is covered with traditional Portuguese tiles - only the beauty of this space is worth the visit! Have you ever imagined eating at a restaurant like that?

\x22Bacalhau\x22 (codfish) "Bacalhau" (codfish)

Some of the most traditional dishes on the menu are “Açorda Alentejana” (entrance), “Cação Soup” (fish soup), “Carne de Porco à Alentejana” (pork meat with clams) and “Cericá com ameixas de Elvas” (a typical dessert with plums).

The main courses range from € 9 to € 15 - very affordable when compared to other restaurants in this area. For dinner, reservations are advised.

Rossio square in Lisbon Rossio square in Lisbon

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