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a great surprise on the Adriatic Cost

Kotor is one of the most impressive cities on the Adriatic coast. It is a must-see destination in Montenegro, a small country that has been conquering travelers with its natural beauty and history.

The fortress surrounding Kotor blends into the landscape and began to be built in the twentieth century to protect the city from invasion. Be sure to climb the 1400 steps that extend down Mount San Ivan until you reach San Giovanni Castle, about 220 meters high.

It is 1200 meters to Kotor Fort. The round trip takes about 2 hours and is marked by breathtaking views with unique Mediterranean fjords.

In 1979, an earthquake damaged many buildings and Kotor fortifications. The Natural and Cultural-Historical Region of Kotor has been listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO and the town has been restored.

In addition to enjoying the incredible landscapes of Kotor, take the time to explore the city's alleys and squares, surrounded by walls. For centuries Kotor was under the rule of Venice, which had a great influence on the city's architecture, which represents one of the finest examples of Venetian military architecture.

Kotor also has some unusual inhabitants: hundreds of cats live in the city. People say that they are a heritage of the cats that arrived in Kotor with the boats that docked in its port, coming from all over the world. Nowadays, cats are considered by many to be a symbol of the city.

In Kotor Bay, visit also the village of Perast, with two small islands that mark the landscape. The island of São Jorge houses a monastery (closed for visits). Already the Island of Our Lady of the Rocks can be visited and is an artificial island, created by fishermen, following a local legend.

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