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LxFactory: a creative island in Lisbon

"Rio Maravilha" rooftop, in Lisbon.

From the ruins of an old textile manufacturing complex, LxFactory was born in 2018, a vibrant factory of experiences in Lisbon.

LxFactory in Lisbon. LxFactory in Lisbon.

LxFactory is today one of the most dynamic and original spaces of the Portuguese capital, a creative island that you cannot miss to visit!

It houses more than 50 creative stores, related to design, architecture, music and art, as well as cool cafes and restaurants, all in one place.

What to see in LxFactory

Make sure you go to one of Lisbon's most well-known rooftops, in a bar called “Rio Maravilha”, famous for its giant statue of a woman with open arms facing the Tagus River (it opens at 4pm).

\x22Ler Devagar\x22 bookstore and its flying bicycle. "Ler Devagar" bookstore and its flying bicycle.

Visit the “Ler Devagar” bookstore, considered one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. The icon of this bookstore is a charming flying bicycle.

Take a tour around the several urban artworks that are on LxFactory. Among them is a work by the Portuguese artist Bordalo II, famous for giving life to garbage, creating incredible works like the giant bee in LxFactory.

The giant bee in LxFactory. The giant bee in LxFactory.

LxFactory also brings together restaurants, bars and cafes for all tastes, with options ranging from Portuguese, Italian and Mexican food to hamburgers and cakes.

You can get there by bus, from the centre of Lisbon, or by UBER (the journey takes about 10 min).

LxFactory is between Lisbon and Belém, the neighborhood that concentrates some of Lisbon's main attractions, such as the Belém Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery. It’s a good idea to stop there after trying the famous Pastéis de Belém!