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Taormina: all magic of Sicily

Taormina is one of the most beautiful and romantic places to visit in Sicily, the sunny island in the far south of Italy.

Taormina is close to Catania, the second largest Sicilian city and can be easily visited in a day. Several buses connect Catania to Taormina and the journey takes about one hour.

The best way to meet Taormina is to get lost in its alleys. Visit Villa Comunale, Taormina's peaceful public garden and walk along Corso Umberto, Taormina's main street, full of luxury shops. Visit St. Nicholas Cathedral, enjoy the view from Piazza IX Aprile and take the “funivia” - a cable car that takes visitors to Isola Bela, a must-see of Taormina. This small island, that was once a private property, converted into a nature reserve. It sits on a bay and it is connected to the mainland beach by a narrow footpath.

But Taormina's big highlight is its Greek Theater, which dates from the 3rd century BC. The Taormina Greek Theater makes us travel back in time and is still used for concerts. Its bleachers rise imposingly over the turquoise blue Ionian Sea and have the Etna volcano as a spectator - Europe's largest active volcano.

For those who want to live the romantic atmosphere of Taormina even more, there are several accommodation options in the city. Due to the high demand, prices in Taormina are higher than in other Sicilian cities. On the other hand, it's not every day that you can spend the night in front of a volcano!

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