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Tomar: The Templar City of Portugal

Known as the Templar City, Tomar is about 150 km away from Lisbon and is a city worth visiting in central Portugal.

Tomar was founded in 1160 by the Knights Templar, in a large area of ​​land that they received from the King of Portugal as a gift for their help in conquering Lisbon. At the same time, these knight monks also founded what today is Tomar's main attraction: the Convent of Christ.

In the castle that is part of the structure, you can walk on the walls of this ancient fortification. At the Convent, you will marvel at the beauty of the different cloisters. You can also see the famous Manueline Window, which is a reference for this style in Portugal and has a decoration related to navigation and the royal power. But one of the most striking places to visit in the Convent of Christ is the “Charola Templaria”, which was the Knights' private oratory - a truly unique work of art that demonstrates the richness of this ancient order.

Furthermore, be sure to explore Tomar's beautiful alleys and sample some of the city's traditional pastries, such as “Fatias de Tomar”, “Queijadas” and “Beija-me Depressa”. Visit the Republic Square, the center of the city and the 15th-century Church of St. John the Baptist. You can also visit the Abraão Zacuto Luso-Hebrew Museum, in one of Portugal's oldest synagogues, and the Match Museum, with the largest collection of matches in Europe. Finally, be sure to stroll through Mouchão Park, which is on the banks of the Nabão River and has a lovely view of Tomar.

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