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Travesseiros de Sintra

Sintra National Palace

They are called “Travesseiros de Sintra” and are one of the most traditional pastries of the postcardlike village of Sintra. Sintra is a 40 minutes’ train ride from Lisbon and this village seems to have come straight out of a Disney fairy tale. 

Sintra National Palace Sintra National Palace

The name "Travesseiro" comes from the form of this pastry since “travesseiro” is the Portuguese word for "pillow". Curious isn’t it? But it's not only the way that it resembles a pillow - it's so delicious that it makes you dream for more!

The most famous “Travesseiros” are those produced in a bakery in Sintra called Piriquita. This bakery was established in 1862 and the story says that it was one the favorites of an ancient king of Portugal!

Travesseiro de Sintra Travesseiro de Sintra

“Travesseiros de Sintra” are made with puff pastry, but the filling is a secret! However, it takes a composition of eggs, sugar and almond, so if you don’t love egg custard, you can try Travesseiros with chocolate or apple cream! But be warned: there is nothing like the original!

When you visit Sintra, make sure you try this treasure that will leave you dreaming for more.     

Village of Sintra Village of Sintra

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