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Our Short Adventure in Tokashiki Island

After a few days in Okinawa we travelled to a small island 30 min away from the lan

Called Tokashiki. You can either take a normal boat or a speed boat.

We wanted to get their faster so we opted for a speed boat. The ride is a bit bumpy so be prepared.

Once you arrive, a small shuttle picks you up. Our shuttle had some difficulty climbing the road of the hill. It’s a short trip to the hotel, it’s the only one on this side of the island and has its own private beach.

The beach had crystal clear waters and very fine white sand. There are not many tourists, so it feels like your own private island.

You have a few activity options, like snorkeling, jetskiing, watching the sea turtles…

If you choose to snorkel (which I recommend!) you will see everything under the sea. You have to swim quite far out to see more of the sea life and my girlfriend is afraid of fish so we opted out of the snorkelling but I would definitely do if I went back.

After a long trip we just wanted to relax and I was eager to get some photography in.

Dinner every night is a big bbq and a buffet, with outside and inside seating, mixed with Asian and American food, but mostly seafood.

The weather was so warm and humid, the water a bit colder, but the landscape made it up for it.

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