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Two Day Trip in Ha Long Bay

An Unesco World Heritage Site

So after our stay in Hanoi, we booked two days and one night in Ha Long Bay.

The bus picked us up at our hotel in the early morning after breakfast, around 8 am and was quite long (about 4 hours). The bus we chose (the cheapest one) was not in the best condition so keep this in mind when you book since the newer buses that provide a more luxurious ride cost more.

Because we are travelling for nine months, we have to be very careful with money, so we didn’t really mind the budget option.

We arrived in Ha Long Bay and from here waited a few minutes to take a small boat to an even bigger boat that took you to the bay.

The boat can only hold 18 people and you have your own cabin with a bathroom. It’s nothing special but it does the trick.

They greet you with a nice welcome drink first when you arrive. Then you can relax a little bit and have a meal.

A few tours are included in the ticket. A kayak tour and a visit of a pearl making farm in the middle of nowhere, and the next day a visit of a fantastic cave.

When the night comes, that’s when you see the most beautiful light.

Our guide asked us if we wanted to try to fish squid. Of course we said yes, but I think it was too hard for us and we didn’t catch anything.

Instead we went to a crazy karaoke party on the boat.

And the next day I spent my day doing some photography on the deck.

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