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a year ago

White Rabbit Art Gallery, Sydney

Best vision of China history through the contempor

Located in the heart of Sydney, just a short walk from Central Station, in Chippendale suburb, the White Rabbit Gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Its collection is one of the world’s largest and most significant of Chinese contemporary art. Founded and owed by Judith Neilson, the origins of the gallery go back to the 1990 when she went for her first trip to Beijing where was thrilled by the creativity and technical quality of the art she saw, deciding to spread it beyond China.

Neilson began buying works, but sun ran out of space to hang them thus decided to open a gallery with his husband in order to get the Chinese Art available to Australian and overseas people.

Focusing on art produced in the 20th century the collection includes about 2500 works by more then 700 artist and it focuses especially on the contrasts between the modern and ancient China, starting from the old history events till now days. Showcasing how globalisation and the materialism growth have been shaping the country in a controversial way also through politics choices.

Since the gallery can house only a fraction of the collections at time, two different exhibitions take place every year, reason why during February and August usually the gallery close for the installations.

White Rabbit has four floors exhibitions as well as a library and teahouse, so is a special place also just to meet a friend our to read a good book,. The teahouse is, in fact, a perfect place to relax sipping Chinese tea our trying the last dumping assortiment.

Last but not least reason to visit the gallery ? The admission is free.

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