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senad.dziho contributor

Hotel Ksarkaissar

After our time in Ouarzazate and a long bus drive, we stopped for a night in Ksarkaissar Hotel.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with some Moroccan sweets and tea. It was very invigorating and immediately gave us our strength that was lost during the long bus ride.

I stayed in a room with some friends that I met during my Morocco trip. In total, we were a group of 4 but the rooms were really cozy and the bathrooms very clean.

The dinner was awesome. They served us with a big scoop of chicken tajin, soup, bread, and fruit salad!

This is a place where you stay and completely relax. In the evening, the temperatures were mild, so we enjoyed the weather and listened to music for most of the night.

The atmosphere is friendly, comfortable and quiet. It's a desert oasis 20km from the nearest city.

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