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Best Places to Shoot - Siam Station

January// 2020

If you find yourself near the centre of Bangkok around the area of Siam, here are a couple of the best places to shoot some absolute banging photos, all mapped out for you in a simple walking route!

Between Ratchatewi \x26 Siam Between Ratchatewi & Siam

Siam Reflections - right outside Siam Discovery Mall, on an overpass to cross the busy road, there is a bridge path with glass ceiling which leads to really cool reflections. This is especially good at night for long exposure shots to get the blurry car lights and all the lights on the street. Tip - plan the shot in the day time and shoot it as the last stop when you make your way back to Siam.

Reflections For Days Reflections For Days

Ratchatewi Subdistrict - if you venture away from the busier streets into these smaller roads you’ll find old, colourful buildings and locals working on their craft, theres alley markets and cool local restaurants everywhere. It is such colourful and vibrant urban area. BEST TIME: pre-golden hour.

How Are All Those Wires! How Are All Those Wires!

Head East to find Soi Petchaburi for a very desirable urban scene - amazing for portrait photography and to get really cool shots of a compressed asian lit up street. BEST TIME: golden hour.

Head down toward the Platinum Fashion Mall to find 3 nice photo opportunities! The first photo spot is dead centre on the street where there’s a road heading upward in the middle, you can get some cool lights here with a unique looking building dead centre in the background. BEST TIME: right around/after sunset.

Crazy Traffic Crazy Traffic

Next, along the wall of the Mall is a little market and from that overpass you are on, you get a really cool vantage point. The third photo opportunity is through the mall and on the other side you’ll get a really cool view of X building. BEST TIME: right around/after sunset (for both).

X Building X Building

Make your way back toward Central world (make sure central world is on your right side) and along the way on the overpass you’ll get some cool vantage points of the REALLY busy street passing through, such a good place to shoot crazy traffic!

There\x27s Always One There's Always One

Heading back toward Siam Station you’ll be able to walk on the overpass a majority of the way, keep an eye out as there are some cool photo options. Tip - a great place to shoot if it’s raining because the lights from the cars make the light reflect on the ground.

Make it back to the first spot, which is the reflections and get your evening shot before heading into Siam Discovery for a delicious dinner! To sum up, this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and seeing some of the busiest parts of this amazing city through your lens! I find that going out with a camera seperates me from all the noise and rush around me and really allows me to find the beauty in the chaos, so if you're up for a nice walk around one of the main parts of Bangkok, I highly recommend this route!

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