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Filipino Blues - Palawan Magic

the Philippines // 2018

If anyone has ever been to the Philippines, and specifically El Nido or Coron, in Palawan, I’m sure you know exactly what this will be about when I say the word “blue”. There is no place on earth that I have ever been, where the water is as light, crystally, turquoise almost cyan blue, than the archipelago islands of El Nido and Coron. Palawan was voted the best island to travel to for 3 years in a row starting starting 2015. It holds some authority with that statement I must say!

I have been to El Nido 3 times myself and this place is absolutely incredible. Not only is the town (known as El Nido Proper) an awesome place with a lot of tourism life and incredible (and so cheap) seafood restaurants and chique cafés, but it also hosts beautiful beaches on the main part of the island that are within walking distance of the town.

As if that isn’t enough, the islands surrounding it are actually what make the destination so popular! Island hopping is the forté of El Nido and once you’ve tried its not hard to see why! The location on these island hopping trips are absolutely out of this world, they look like all the perfect stranded island photos you have seen on postcards, and from hollywood productions – except these are entirely within reach as a destination!

Typically these trips will start at 9-10 am all depending on the coast guard and weather conditions and end shortly before or after sunset all depending on the trip you choose! There are 4 main options A, B, C and D – however, some trips offer combined packages of A & C on the same day for example. These trips are about $30 per person and they include lunch which is cooked on the boat and has fresh caught fish from the trip! Honestly the whole experience is just so incredible! I think I have been on these island hopping trips at least 7 or 8 times!

Honestly, if you’re not convinced yet, something must be wrong! Beautiful limestone cliffs and formations emerging from perfect crystal clear waters, rocking shades of blue you couldn’t make up and palm tree covered white sand beaches – completely isolated from humanity (except for all the island hopping boats of course!) – PUT IT ON THE LIST!

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