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Nung Nung Waterfall - The Perfect Falls

Bali // 2019

Nung Nung Waterfall is one of the biggest and heaviest flowing waterfalls in Bali, measuring around 50m making it one of the tallest waterfall in Bali, and in my opinion the most classic looking waterfall you could imagine! One solid stream coming from high up in jungle terrain, flowing into a gorgeous pool of fresh water below! This waterfall really is one of the most beautiful jungle gems in all of Bali in my opinion and I never get tired of visiting!

Approachin Nung Nung by Drone

If you are visiting the waterfall for photography, you are in luck, as you are able to shoot this one from countless angles and a plethora if different frames with a ton of rocks and foliage to use for foreground all depending on the angles you prefer! Make sure to arrive here early though, as its popularity does lead to a high turnover of visitors every day, and this is the case for all seasons!

Not only is it popular for tourists and day tours in Bali, but it seems to also hold some sort of religious or holy significance as it has grown in popularity as a location for marriage - which I experienced for myself on my last visit, where the ceremony grounds were being set up at the foot of the falls (it looked unbelievably beautiful, but I had a hard time seeing how the ceremony would take place with the constant roar of the water dropping!)

Not only is this place gorgeous for photography, but it also makes a beautiful backdrop for video, whether you are filming nature, lifestyle video, or aerial shots - it really is a marvel for the camera, but make sure to keep your lens cap and some dry material handy as you will definitely be looking to wipe your lens every 5 seconds from all the water spray! And again, for any creative purposes, make sure to arrive here early (I recommend 6:30-7am to make sure to have the place to yourself, or at least almost to yourself for a while!)

Too much beauty for one location!

Visiting Nung Nung is quite cheap, parking (for scooter) is 5k IDR (roughly $0.40) and the entrance ticket is 15k ($1) - considering the infrastructure built for visitors, I think this is VERY cheap and undeniably worth it! I am unsure of the cost for car parking, but if you go with a day tour, it will more than likely be included so don’t worry! To access the falls, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a bit of a walk - on the way down it just feels like a lot of steps down, but on the way up your breath might be challenged a little bit! Don’t be scared by this however, it is entirely manageable, but just prepare yourself for a little cardio step workout!

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