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St. Francis Fountain - San Francisco

The best breakfast in San Francisco!

The breakfast of champions!

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I’m a big foodie and the Mission did not disappoint. So much so that during my 9 days in San Francisco, I already discovered favourites and found myself returning to the same familiar places. St. Francis Fountain was the breakfast spot of dreams. Serving the Mission since 1918, St Francis is your classic red and white American diner with padded booths and a menu that will make you want to move to the Bay Area . Our waiter was incredibly friendly, engaging and honestly looked like he’d jumped out of the ‘80s!

St. Francis menu St. Francis menu

fresh coffee fresh coffee

The menu is extensive but don’t be intimidated as it’s all delicious. There’s something to please everyone, sweet or savoury. During my two visits I devoured Veggie omelettes (the “Veggie Mess”) and fluffy Buttermilk hot cakes doused in maple syrup— both of which were incredible. I’d also recommend trying the cornbread—we don’t have it in the UK so it was a huge novelty for us. I can happily say that we were not disappointed. For drinks, try the milkshakes or fresh juice—it’s the perfect wake up! Additionally, coffee is unlimited so you can probably imagine I was bouncing off the walls all day! We came here both midweek and on the weekend—here wasn’t so much of a wait midweek but definitely be prepared for lines on the weekend. It’ll be worth it!

Classic American diner feel Classic American diner feel

St Francis Fountain: 2801 24th St, San Francisco

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